5 Different Types Of Headphones Compared & Explored

published on 25 September 2023

Are you contemplating purchasing new headphones?
Are you uncertain about which type would be most suitable for your requirements?
Over time, I have observed numerous individuals grappling with the decision of which headphones to select from a wide array of choices.
I understand.
I acknowledge that this decision is more challenging than it appears at first glance.
I would be glad to assist you by providing information on the different types of headphones that you should take into account.
Please take a moment to peruse the detailed descriptions of the various headphone types below.Headphone Types ExploredBone Conduction Headphones


Bone conduction earphones are a fairly new development in the world of headphones, and even though it isn’t very popular right now, its popularity is beginning to increase.What’s the difference between regular headphones and bone conduction headphones?Well, the bone conduction headphones use your bones, specifically the bones in your skull, to conduct sounds via the headphones.According to some people, the sound quality provided by bone conduction headphones isn’t as good as the sound you get from regular over the ear headphones or in ear earbuds. But you can try them out for yourself and see if you like the sound, because many people feel that the audio they deliver is quite satisfactory.You might want bone conduction headphones because they have an open design, which means you’ll be aware of everything going on around you. On the other hand, you may dislike them because they don’t provide adequate noise isolation since they’re an open headphone.But overall, I believe that bone conduction headphones are highly practical because they can be used in various scenarios such as fitness, sports, and office settings. The style that I personally have been using is Wissonly Hi RunnerClosed Back Headphones


As you are about to notice, many headphones are designed with noise cancellation or noise isolation in mind. Closed back headphones were created because they have the ability to minimize or completely block the peripheral noise from your awareness whenever you have these headphones on.When you think about it, this is certainly a good thing in most situations. But having noise completely blocked from your awareness can also present potential negative scenarios as well, which we’ll discuss below.The beauty of closed back headphones and their peripheral noise blocking capabilities means you can dive headfirst into your favorite talk radio programs and really focus on the information the host or hosts are discussing. You’ll leave the rest of the world blocked out from your awareness with closed back headphones on, so you can really delve deeply into the topic at hand and focus on it in its entirety because nothing in the background will be distracting you whatsoever.On the other hand, walking through a dark alley or through a rough neighborhood with closed back headphones on at night really isn’t a good idea. You undoubtedly want to hear everything going on in the vicinity if you have no choice but to put yourself in harm’s way. Using these headphones will block your hearing altogether and potentially leave you in a vulnerable position.Open Back Headphones


I just covered closed back headphones, and now it’s time to take a brief look at open back headphones. The main difference is instead of the back of each ear cup being closed off by plastic, they actually keep them open on these headphones with wired mesh.Why bother?Some people prefer to have some of the sound to escape from the headphones and make its way out into the environment. They like the way the audio resonates because the headphones give off a more open and airy sound. This will make it feel like you’re actually sitting in your room listening to music through speakers, or at least that’s the best analogy that I can come up with on short notice.What’s the point of open back headphones?Well, this is the ideal headphones for people working in a studio setting. They’re either mastering or mixing audio, and having this additional sound leakage is what audio engineers prefer because it helps them deliver more accuracy with specific frequencies.With closed back headphones, these frequencies have a tendency of building up and it can really throw off the sound. The open back headphones give off a flat sound without additional embellishments, which is precisely what audio engineers need to hear while mixing and mastering their latest tracks.Wireless Earbuds


What can I say about wireless earbuds that will make you realize how awesome they are?For starters, some are going to be more awesome than others which is completely understandable. If you’re going to buy wireless earbuds, you should find ones that have high quality stereo sound, Bluetooth 5.0 technology, easy pairing with multiple devices, waterproof capabilities, and a portable charging case.Why focus on all of those features?Simply put, without them you may end up having a terrible experience when you purchase earbuds that ultimately fail you. As you can imagine, if the sound quality stinks then you’ve basically wasted your money and you’ll likely throw them in a drawer and never use them again. And if the Bluetooth tech isn’t up to par, you’ll have a tough time streaming your favorite music and an even tougher time connecting to your smart phone, MP3 player, laptop, PC, or other audio enabled device.Remember, wireless earbuds need to be charged fairly regularly. You’ll have to put them in the charging case at night to refill their battery power. Otherwise you could wind up with completely dead earbuds just when you were about to put on your favorite Spotify playlist while getting comfortable for a long and boring car ride.Wired Earbuds


Just like their wireless counterpart, wired earbuds definitely hold a place in my heart. Although my high school days are long gone, when I was a teenager I would put in one of the earbuds on the side of my body that the teacher couldn’t see and listen to my favorite songs in class instead of paying attention to my schoolwork!It’s a lot easier to get away with this now with wireless earbuds, but teachers still know when their students aren’t paying attention so be careful!Anyway, wired earbuds are pretty great because they’re relatively inexpensive, they’re ‘lightweight; they’re ergonomically designed, and if you buy the right sized ear buds with multi-size ear tips, you’ll also find earbuds that fit incredibly comfortable within your ear canals. And if the tips are made of a soft rubbery gel-like substance, you’ll hardly even notice that they’re in your ears.It’s not like the past where you had to stuff these huge bulky plastic earbuds in your ears that hurt like crazy. The technology has improved tremendously throughout the years.Wired earbuds are also handy in a pinch. All you have to do is plug them into your favorite audio device and you can begin listening right away. If your wireless earbuds go dead because you forgot to charge them, you could always use your wired set as a backup and they’re usually inexpensive below $20.

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